This collection of furniture follows Damian’s 2022 novel, The Colour Storm (Penguin Random House UK, HarperCollinsUS). The book is set in the art-world of renaissance Venice, and is about the search for a new colour. The world is glittering, mysterious, darkly enticing – and full of ravishing colour.

Writing the novel inspired Damian back to the workshop, to his first love of making things. Each piece reflects one of the themes of the book, or conjures up one of its scenes. Damian brings found elements together, reimagines and rebuilds pieces of furniture, whilst also collecting one-off objects from his research travels.

“…It’s all a thrill: writing, making, telling stories through books, but through objects also. Each piece of furniture offers a chance for romance and escapism…”


Dibben originally trained as an artist and scenic designer before becoming a screenwriter and novelist. He has worked on movies as diverse as The Phattom Of The Opera and Puss In Boots, whilst his books have been translated into twenty-seven languages and published in over forty countries.

His previous novel, Tomorrow, is love story about immortality and is set across Europe over two hundred and fifty years. It was published to critical acclaim in 2018. Damian’s adventure series, The History Keepers, was an international publishing phenomenon. The story, about a boy who discovers his parents are lost in history and has to join a secret service to track them down, tells the history of the world in a completely original way.

“…Damian Dibben is a modern day renaissance man…” Clive Anderson, BBC Radio 4


Venice, 1510. The world’s greatest artists gather to enjoy fame, fortune, and colour.

Once a rising star, painter Giorgione ‘Zorzo’ Barbarelli’s career hangs in the balance. Until he hears rumour of a mysterious new pigment, brought to Venice by a wealthy merchant.

When Zorzo wins a commission to paint a portrait of the merchant’s wife, Sybille, he draws ever closer to acquiring the most coveted colour in the world – and writing his name in history.

But it is Sybille whose eye he catches. And when their relationship drags Zorzo into a marriage coming apart, and a conspiracy spanning Europe, it is far more than his career in danger…

Atmospheric and suspenseful, and filled with the famous artists of the era, The Colour Storm is an intoxicating story of art and ambition, love and obsession.

‘It has the pace of a thriller and the riches of a Renaissance painting’


‘A glorious, exuberant read. Dibben’s triumph is the character of Zorzo, a buoyant, loveable guide to the grandeur and the dangers of Renaissance Venice’


‘An engaging thriller and a compelling exploration of an artist’s obsession with love and colour’


‘Hugely evocative, it’s a love story, it’s a thriller, it’s a fantastic page-turner’